Glass door is a classic patented product of Gladoor. Through the diverse appearance of flat plate, glass, sandblasting, louver...etc., the iron rolling door can connect the indoor and outdoor design and become a stacked residential aesthetic. The details are exquisite, adding the style thinking of the residents to the appearance of the building.

Material Introduction

The outer frame material of the rolling door Glassdoor is made of JIS specification #6030 material. The thickness of the rolling door is 35mm. It has been strengthened by T5 heat treatment and then electrostatic powder coating to form a transparent resin protective paint on the surface. In addition to being acid-resistant It is not easily oxidized by alkali and can be washed directly for daily maintenance. In addition to the powder-coated aluminum alloy plate, the sealed indoor panel/enclosed daylighting inner panel can also be equipped with tempered safety glass. Through different processing, it can also take into account the indoor light extension. Ventilated lighting inner panel Glassdoor's unique ventilated lighting inner panel maintains light penetration and airflow in the building, while blocking automobile exhaust gas and carbon monoxide, meeting the comprehensive needs of residential buildings. The combined track is designed with the same material and treatment as the door piece, creating an even detail echo, and adopts a two-stage combination of a detachable inner track and a pre-embedded wall outer track. The special anti-strong wind and anti-pry design improves the durability standard of iron rolling doors. Hard PE silencer strips are installed in the track to ensure a tough iron rolling door defense line, which can protect the safety of residents and the quietness of the living space at the same time.